• PFG offers every insurance product the market has to offer

    A great place not only for the experience agent but also the new agent looking to start his or her career.

    - Larry Torres

  • Positive, Motivated and Professional

    Jason has always mentored me and challenged me to grow my business. I love being part of an agency with positive, motivated and professional individuals.

    - Amy Davis

  • Ethics and core values

    I have achieved what I set out to do in building my business and career. Professionalism, ethics and core values are the foundation of our PFG’s business.

    - Adam Smith

  • Real world sales training

    PFG’s excellent field training helped prepare me for the real world environment I was going to face. It is impossible not to thrive with the proven sales system I was taught during training.

    - Brian Berry


The PFG compensation system is designed to provide agents with a high level of income beginning the first year, while putting your client’s best interest as the top priority.  Your total production, regardless of product type or carrier, is consolidated so each sale counts toward increasing your total compensation.

At PFG, our agents are compensated in multiple ways:

  • Commissions and renewals:  Agents receive *advances on issued business for all product lines and carriers. Agents also receive renewal commissions beginning the second year the customer keeps his or her plan in force. Renewal income is unique to the insurance industry. This could provide an on-going source of income which creates lasting value for your business.
  • Lead marketing dollars: With each issued policy you generate local marketing dollars that can help you market your business in your community.
  • Trips and recognition: Our agents are eligible to win trips and other performance-based recognition throughout the year.

      *Advances are loans against future commissions and vary by product. As the policy stays in force, it earns commission to help pay back those loans. Like any other loan, the agent remains responsible for repayment of all advances.

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