Why Build a Career with PFG?

As an independent agent with a client base, you’ve proven that you have what it takes to build a business. With PFG you’ll continue to have the personal freedom to set your own schedule, work your leads and present the product options that best meet each client’s individual needs—while you continue building your business in your local community.

Partnering with PFG gives you:

  • Expanded market opportunities due to the increased diversity of your product portfolio
  • Competitive commission rates through consolidation of all sales regardless of carrier or product type
  • Access to technology that will increase your efficiency and effectiveness at the point-of-sale
  • Access to client relationship management tools for cross-selling opportunities and referrals
  • Access to a variety of marketing materials for lead generation activities
  • The opportunity to earn incentive trips and bonuses
  • Ongoing training at no cost
  • Access to local support at your local field office and from the home office

 A Broad Portfolio of Insurance Products

Your clients depend on you to deliver the range of products they need, not only for their medical care, but for financial assurance when the unexpected happens. As an agent with PFG, you’ll gain access to additional products so you can meet more of your clients needs.

 Experienced Agent Compensation System

The PFG compensation system is designed so you can do what is best for your clients—provide them with products that meet their needs from the carrier that provides the best value. Your total production, regardless of product type or carrier, is consolidated so each sale counts toward increasing your total compensation.


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