• Choose a health plan that’s right for you

    Buying health insurance doesn’t have to leave you feeling overwhelmed. An PFG agent can provide options and help you choose coverage that fits your needs and budget.

  • Insurance for your other expenses

    Your PFG agent has supplemental plans for dental and vision care as well as plans that pay cash benefits directly to you when you are sick, injured or disabled.

  • We are here to help

    Our licensed agents offer personalized service and are trained to help you clearly understand choices and answer your questions. We understand the unique needs of seniors and Medicare eligible individuals and are here to help.

  • Here today and into the future

    At PFG, we want to deliver the products and services you need today — and, to continue to meet your insurance requirements as they change over time.

Disability Income

Insuring your income. Protecting your financial security.

Individual Disability Income insurance can replace a portion of lost income if you are unable to work due to sickness or injury. It can help you to meet your financial obligations and maintain your current lifestyle.

Some of the benefits of Individual Disability Income Insurance include:

  • Monthly Benefit Payments—After an initial waiting period, benefits are paid for each month you can’t work through the policy’s maximum benefit period.
  • Non-cancelable and Guaranteed Renewable Coverage Available – Provided premiums are paid on time, carrier cannot cancel or change your coverage or premium rates until the first premium due date on or after your 67th birthday.

Let PFG help you prepare for life’s unexpected events and create a financial safety net.



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