• Choose a health plan that’s right for you

    Buying health insurance doesn’t have to leave you feeling overwhelmed. An PFG agent can provide options and help you choose coverage that fits your needs and budget.

  • Insurance for your other expenses

    Your PFG agent has supplemental plans for dental and vision care as well as plans that pay cash benefits directly to you when you are sick, injured or disabled.

  • We are here to help

    Our licensed agents offer personalized service and are trained to help you clearly understand choices and answer your questions. We understand the unique needs of seniors and Medicare eligible individuals and are here to help.

  • Here today and into the future

    At PFG, we want to deliver the products and services you need today — and, to continue to meet your insurance requirements as they change over time.

Multigenerational Planning Program

As a complimentary service to our valued clients, we can provide a family with an invaluable service of Multigenerational Planning. At Pioneer Financial Group, we understand the stress that accompanies the death or disability of a family member. While we can’t ease the emotional pain this causes, we can help ease the burden of locating important documents and information during this stressful time.

In addition, this program is designed to help facilitate open discussion about a family members wishes and desires prior to their death. While it isn’t an easy subject to broach, it is a very important one. Some of the program highlights include:

  • The five most important people to contact in the event of an emergency.
  • Pertinent contact information like attorneys, doctors, financial and insurance advisors.
  • Pharmacists and prescriptions.
  • Location of Will and Trust documents.
  • Life and health insurance documents.
  • Investment portfolios and financial accounts.
  • Real properties, mortgage holders and outstanding loans.
  • Personal documents like birth certificates.
  • How to obtain death certificates.
  • Location of safety deposit boxes.
  • It also includes tips and helpful numbers like Veterans Affairs, Social Security Administration, Medicare, and a survivor’s checklist.

All prepared in one easy to follow document to be shared among the most trusted of family members. Contact one of our agents today to start preparing for your family’s future.


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