• Choose a health plan that’s right for you

    Buying health insurance doesn’t have to leave you feeling overwhelmed. An PFG agent can provide options and help you choose coverage that fits your needs and budget.

  • Insurance for your other expenses

    Your PFG agent has supplemental plans for dental and vision care as well as plans that pay cash benefits directly to you when you are sick, injured or disabled.

  • We are here to help

    Our licensed agents offer personalized service and are trained to help you clearly understand choices and answer your questions. We understand the unique needs of seniors and Medicare eligible individuals and are here to help.

  • Here today and into the future

    At PFG, we want to deliver the products and services you need today — and, to continue to meet your insurance requirements as they change over time.

Estate Planning

As a complimentary service to our valued clients, we can provide a family with an invaluable service of Estate Planning through our strategic partnership with an Estate Planning Attorney.  This consultation is at no cost to our valued clients.  There are a variety of different planning tools for whatever your needs may be.

  • Heath care documents required to assist clients during an emergency in their own lifetimes
  • Estate planning documents to establish guidelines to the distribution of one’s estate after their life is over
  • Creation and/or maintenance of trust devices and corporate entities to maintain assets for family use long after death of the creator
  • PFG is not a licensed to practice law.
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  • Every situation is different, and determining which plan is right for you is not a task for any non-professional estate planner.  Contact us to schedule your no cost, in home consultation with one of our estate planning professionals today.
  • Special Needs Trusts:  Complex trusts established for the long-term distribution of assets to a beneficiary that is disabled, a minor, or under long-term health care and would like to qualify for assistance under the Medicaid program.
  • Wealth Preservation Trusts:  Complex trust plans designed to preserve the value of assets for the settler and/or the beneficiaries in the circumstance that long-term health care needs arise, as for complex tax planning purposes.
  • Estate Planning Trusts:  Trust plans developed primarily for the distribution of the settlor’s estate assets upon the death of the creator.  This type of plan does avoid the probate process.  It usually is less time consuming, less intrusive for the surviving family members, has better tax planning options, and is less expensive to the estate.
  • Last Will and Testaments:  Wills drafted for the distribution of assets upon the death of the creator.
  • Living Will Plans:  Healthcare Power-of-Attorneys, Financial Power-of-Attorneys, and Advance Directives for Health Care.

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