David Ponder

I would like to commend Amy Davis for all of her hard work and professionalism. She has been a real blessing for my mother.  Over the past year my mother’s health has declined up to the point of hospitalization and possibly nursing home implications.  Fortunately my mother had developed a relationship with Amy a few years earlier.

Ms. Davis has provided many services guiding us through Medicare/Medicaid, comparing Part D prescription drug plans during Open Season, connecting us with an Estate Planner and a Financial Advisor.  This process would have been overwhelming without the direction of Ms. Davis.

Amy is a kind caring individual that truly cares about my mother’s wellbeing.  She has scheduled appointments for me and my mother, attended those appointments with us, assisted us in collecting pertinent material needed for those appointments, then followed up with us to make sure we made the meetings and understood what we had covered.  On more than one occasion she has went to my mother’s house to check on her wellbeing.

I am a Son that had to step in and assist with most of my mother’s affairs.  I live out of town and had no idea how complicated becoming elderly could be.  I know without the assistance of Amy Davis my mother would be much worse physically, emotionally, mentally, and financially.

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